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Learn more about the owners and story behind Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant. Discover what drives the high quality that is found in every dish.

A Family Tradition

The rest of the story

Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant - Quality work pays off

In August of 2014, Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant opened it's doors in Lake City, Florida on US Highway 90. Since their humble beginnings, word of mouth has continually spread about their delicious food, quality ingredients and great staff and management. The number of diners continued to grow, and with them, requests to open many more locations for travelers to enjoy more throughout the year.

Owner Jose Cruz, his wife, Norma and their partner Oscar all pitch in and wear many hats. Jose was born in San Salvador and spent the last 15 years living and working in an Italian Restaurant in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina. He arrived in Alachua and worked in an Italian restaurant in Newberry before deciding to venture into owning and managing his own Restaurant.

The trio then decided on Lake City as their first restaurant site because they wanted a small town. Ever since their opening, they have been a pleasure to the population in Lake City. Many patrons would constantly bombard them with requests to open new chains of their restaurant in different locations. Jose and his partners deliberated much over their next move until ultimately deciding on branching off into Live Oak.

In March of 2020, doors officially opened to the Live Oak location of Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant. Their opening brought the local population out in droves, and has not slowed since. The reason: they have continued to bring the same level of expertise, customer service, amazing ingredients and top quality food.

It's no secret, people enjoy great food and an enjoyable atmosphere, and Jose has provided that yet again in his second location. Hard work and dedication have continually paid off for them, and has made them succesful in their ventures.

Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant is open 7 days a week, and will work with even the most challenging orders. If there is anything more to say, it would have to be from you, after you have enjoyed one of their authentic New York style dishes or pizzas. Once you've done that, you will have plenty to say.

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